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officium-super-omnia: "Here she is. I'm on mobile so I can't do her blog atm but I will get it done as soon as I can."

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Name/Nickname: Kay

Age (unrestricted): 23

Timezone: EST

Activity per week (1/10): 8/9

Character: Astrid of Narnia

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Name: Chris

OC Character: Petra Thorne

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The Story So Far 

This is a recap of the major plot points that have happened up to this point, including some canon backstory from the old rp. [The old rp stuff actually happened, but we’ve changed what they were building up to so that they fit in with the new plot.]

1. A spate of killings broke out in Cair Paravel around the time of Prince Tommen’s birth.

A creature from each species was killed, in a manner that can only be described as bloody. Bloody because a lot of blood was found at crime scenes and because it seemed like the murderer was trying to use it for something.

Something like magic. Magic that can turn something into something else. 

This was a busy time for the Pevensies. Susan and Edmund had just escaped from Calormen, with Edmund and Lucy then going to Archenland to fight the subsequent war with Rabadash. Peter had recently returned from war with the giants, and was having his marital issues surrounding the birth of his son.

Perhaps that was why no one caught the killer. Or perhaps the killer realised something and went off to make new plans. Who’s to say?

Not long after that, Eithne Huntor was totally killed in a bear attack, causing great distress to anyone who knew her. 

2. The two years that followed were pretty quiet in comparison. 

Peter and Isla left their marital issues behind, and the Pevensies enjoyed time strengthening their country. They trained, built things, and probably had a lot of fun dancing and drinking. 

King Edmund founded the Constables in order to solve the killings that happened around Tommen’s birth. 

Rabadash had to concentrate on consolidating his power in the Calormene court after he murdered his father and was crowned Tisroc. It seems unlikely that turning back into a human in front of everyone at Calormen’s biggest religious festival would have gone down too well with him. But it’s okay because the seeds of a plan for vengeance began forming in his mind shortly after. 

The Queen of Galma also began to make plans for what would happen in her country after her death. This included deciding to marry her granddaughter into Narnia instead of Calormen, and deciding that the betrothal should be to King Edmund. She also formed a desire to expand her nation’s capabilities in trade. 

3. After the time skip, delegates began arriving in Cair Paravel to sign a peace treaty, that was first proposed by Rabadash. 

The idea is that it’s designed to settle things in the aftermath of the Calormene Conflict. This includes Narnians having to escape from Calormen, and also the Battle of Anvard, where Rabadash invaded Archenland, was defeated and then subsequently turned into a donkey by Aslan.

Being that this treaty will govern laws between lands for the long-term future, and that it is allied with all nations involved, Galma is also making sure to be included in the negotiations.

Crown Prince Enki and his sister Princess Asheera have also arrived in Narnia, despite the fact that they are mermaids who live in the Undersea Realm. This is possible because of magic stones that have been in the possession of their family as long as their ancestry has existed. The stones were made with leaves from the Tree of Protection and are a powerful form of magic that can turn a mermaid’s tail into human legs. Again, a form of magic that turns one thing into something else. 

4. Not long after the Calormenes and Galmans arrived, King Peter and Mr Tumnus discovered a severed leg on the High King’s throne.

Peter and Tumnus began the morning by discussing that they had not heard from Lord Perridan [who is the keeper of the Narnian Royal Vault], Mr Beaver, or their colleague Archita, for a long time. The three of them went out on an assignment to map Narnia’s smuggling routes, but have not been heard from since. Tumnus and Peter were both concerned but weren’t yet worried. Partly this was because the discovery they made afterwards put it out of their minds. 

A gruesome message was left in the throne room, made up of a severed leg and a poem written on the High King’s throne. It threatened the Pevensies and hinted that they are unworthy rulers of Narnia. Numbers were also left on the four thrones, in a way that indicated a possible order of future attacks against them. Another unidentified symbol was also found, but no one has figured out what that means yet.

If you have not read this thread, you should. You can find it on Peter’s blog here, and Tumnus’s here

The Constables worked to find the perpetrator, but were unsuccessful. They believe, because of the nature of the blade used to cut the severed leg and the timing of the incident, that a foreigner is the perpetrator. It seems like a pretty good theory.

5. Matthon Sumpter began plans for a heist.

He met with Saphire to discuss the idea that they would break into the Royal Vault. His plan is to steal a Powerful Magical Artefact that can turn anything into gold. 

6. A feast was held to formally open the negotiations for the peace treaty. 

Most of the night was spent in dancing and conversation, but the hall was attacked when the High King stood up to give his speech. You should certainly read this thread, and you can do so here

A message was left in blood on the walls saying that the Pevensies were going to be overthrown and that Narnians should desert the Four and join Narnia’s Future King in a new era. 

Eithne Huntor then appeared holding another severed leg, her face bearing the unidentified mark that was on the first throne. Edmund took her to the hospital wing.

Tumnus and Cara followed behind, taking the leg she was holding to the hospital wing, and discovered that the first leg, the one found on Peter’s throne, was not decomposed in anyway. This seems to suggest that magic is involved. This leg also seems to be a match to the first one, in that one is a right leg and one is a left leg. You can read this thread here. And here.  

Back in the hall, Susan, Peter, Venin, and Queen Cornelia set about keeping calm in the wake of the attack. This was difficult because of the suspicion between the countries, but they managed to search the foreigners and get them out of the hall without any further incident. They then began to search the Narnians.

A suspect is about to be found, but it’s still brewing. 

7. General gossip stuff:

There’s been a huge amount of personal threads [A+ work with that, everyone] so I won’t go into detail. But here’s a bit of it.

Edmund has been seeing Lady Asture. Susan has been seeing Matthon. Princess Elia was briefly with Eoghan, but then they had a really messy break up. Evelyn has just reconnected with Elias. Susanna’s agreed to become part of Susan’s network. Shadow’s been making friends. Karliah has also been making friends, and is trying to get justice for her murdered husband. Theodora and Caradoc are seeing each other. Padriac and Eleonor are as well. Venin and Lilia have a thing. I don’t think Lucy or Tumnus are seeing anyone, but it’s cool because they probably have hobbies and are really focused on their careers at the moment anyway. Cara’s still great at her job and seems to be closer to her husband. The Claudess sisters are being sisterly like they do. Tamara is getting in touch with what it means to be a Calormene again, what with all the other oppressed servants here in Narnia for the treaty. Asheera’s been chatting to Matthon. Sapphire’s living a pretty quiet life, besides planning for the heist. Queen Cornelia isn’t doing much besides being really resolved to marry Elia to a powerful Narnian with military rank and title, who is not Eoghan. Bacchus is drinking wine and talking about rumours in his unnervingly confident way.  

There’s probably other stuff, but I can’t remember it right now, and I think that’s enough for you to get the picture.  

Anyhoo, there’s your recap. 

Welcome back to the people who’ve just rejoined us :)

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enki-of-the-sea: ""I am Prince Enki of the Undersea Realm.""

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Welcome back to the Golden Age! 


Name: Christine/Chris

Age: 20

Timezone: MST-AZ

Activity: 6-7

Character: Karliah Dunmer

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Name/Nickname: Leah

Age (unrestricted):16

Timezone: Nightblogger

Activity per week (1/10): 5-7

Character:Prince Enki of the Undersea Realm 

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