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brynnisagentleman: "Did you hear about the man who's whole left side got cut off? He's all right now."

Jesus motherflipping christ that was unexpected.

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Welcome back to the Golden Age! 


Name: Christine/Chris

Age: 20

Timezone: MST-AZ

Activity: 6-7

Character: Karliah Dunmer

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Name/Nickname: Leah

Age (unrestricted):16

Timezone: Nightblogger

Activity per week (1/10): 5-7

Character:Prince Enki of the Undersea Realm 

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Anonymous: "Hi there. I was wondering, do you guys have a Michael Fassbender FC?"

Yes we do, but he’s not in the bios at the moment. Before the RP revamped at the start of this year we did have a Fassbender FC called Brynjolf. He still canonically is the head of the Thieves Guild and is friends with a few of our characters, but we’ve not actually put the character up. Why do you ask? :)

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Anonymous: "Who in your roleplay plays multiple characters?"

Almost all of us, dearie. 

Is there a reason you’re asking?

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Narnians: PLEASE READ || NEW! Character Submission Guidelines, + some much needed reminders 


1. Tell us where you think the character will fit into the main plot. 

Things like: 

- Will they fight in the war?

- Will they lend their bannermen to the Pevensies, or become turncoats for more power?

- Would they want to participate in the investigations that are soon to begin?

- Would they want to help keep peace between the countries in Cair?

- Would they become victims of the war in any way? Like being locked up on suspicions of crimes they didn’t commit. 

2. If you don’t believe they will have a large part in it, tell us how they will be affected by it.

Things like:

- They love that more people are in Cair for the treaty because it’s better for business.

- They’d be terribly frightened by the war- maybe even consider fleeing Narnia. 

- They might be made more unstable by the war - mentally or emotionally- which might cause them to sever ties with their family, or maybe seek out close ties with them if they need to repair something.

- They might be worried because their loved ones are more affected by it than they are.

We need to have some idea that the character actually has some place to go. 

3. Tell us who they have prior connections with

- We do not want any characters without prior connections to other people. None whatsoever. 

It makes it much, much harder for the muns to get started when they take them up. The slower it takes, the more likely it is that they will drop the character before they can make enough ties with the characters we have at that point for their own to become interesting. 

- Tell us who their family and friends are, and whether they belong to associations like the thieves guild, healers, Kingsguards etc

- Put at least three people in the bio that they are connected to. 

By this we don’t mean the family that they knew a hundred years ago but died in the Winter. We want characters with bios for this. At least two characters currently being rpd, and probably as many open but untaken bios as you want. 

We prefer characters to be as integrated with other characters as possible. Talk to us about changing backstories for characters we already have to make people related or friends. 

4.  Tell us in the bio why the character would get along with others, or why they would come into conflict with them. 

This is because we need to know that this character actually has the potential to have activity with others. Bonus points for conflict here. 

- Tell us about their beliefs and inner values. Ones that will breed positive connections with others and ones that will bring them into conflict.

This is more complex than just your character follows the code of the thieves guild, or worships Aslan.

Theodora’s a good example here. Obviously her religious views are controversial, which means she’s always got a talking point with other people. If, like the Princess Consort, a character really can’t stand sex before marriage, obviously that will bring in conflict. But characters like Caradoc, Cara, or Tumnus, who share her desire to help others, can be bought closer to her because of her views. 

- Give us an indication of the ways these views will manifest into activity with others. Or just any other personality trait that will make them be active. 

This can be something like the character being so devoted to doing Aslan’s good that they always stop to help the people they meet. It could be that they’re just crazy talkative for no real reason, so they never miss a chance to ask someone how their day is. Or, going the other way, it could be that they can’t control themselves and shout insults to strangers passing by, and this tends to get them into trouble with people. 


We are going to be considering all of these things for every character we bring on from now on. If you submit a character that isn’t up to scratch we’re just going to say no in the end because if characters don’t have all of these elements, it ends up creating more work for us further down the line. 


WOW! That was a lot of new information! KEEP GOING WE BELIEVE IN YOU GUYS 


- We are not interested in characters that exist only to develop your character / or a character already in the rp.

If characters don’t have some kind of investment in the main plot, then all they can do is personal ones- which mostly means romance plots. Generally this means that you’ll end up relying on rping with that one person in order to be active. This puts strain on both of you. 

If there is a character that is underdeveloped in the bio, it sometimes then breeds an environment where there’s nothing happening in that character’s life, so the new mun submits a character to us so that their character can have some action. But this repeats the problem with the new character. 

- Especially when it comes to endgame characters, another point is that it’s possible that the mun who takes up the endgame character will lose interest in the ship, or will become uncomfortable with it for whatever reason.

We are not going to enforce any relationship in the rp unless it is vital to the plot. A character’s feelings belongs to their mun, not to someone who wrote up that character to feature in the life of their own character.

You can make a ship happen between two characters like everyone else can and does, but for the mods there is really no such thing as a character created to be an endgame. 

- We do not want characters you’ve submitted on a whim or just because you like the FC. 

If you want a particular FC on the dash, talk to us about maybe changing someone we have in the bios. 

- If you want a certain type of character that fits a trope, or you have a cool personal plot in mind or something, also talk to us about modifying existing characters to fit those purposes. Odds are we created a character for a purpose, so we might be happy giving that purpose to a different FC / adjusted character.

- As mods we also have to be thinking about how the characters work as an ensemble cast. 

Even if your character is really cool just by themselves, they can’t just be dead weight on the dash. They have to be able to mix and clash with the others, otherwise they’ll just ‘be’ there, not really doing anything or going anywhere. Which means they become inactive and will probably just get dropped. 

- The more characters can integrate with other characters we already have, the happier we are as mods, because it makes for the most natural activity.

We have a cast of 41 characters in the bios as it is, plus some characters in our inbox, characters of our own, as well as canons like the Archenladers or Sallowpad who have still not been put up, so adding in yours takes some mental effort on our part. 

We have to keep track of who all of our characters are and have some idea of what they should be doing at this point in the RP, both concerning the main plot, and what you’re planning for your personal plots. We also need to be aware of what threads everything is happening in. 

We try to be thinking about all of the muns, so that we can try to make sure things are happening at a time where you can handle it with your other commitments, and in terms of just what’s happening in your life personally. We also tend to talk a lot with you guys about where you see where your characters are going and stuff. 

We also don’t want to steamroll you guys, because they’re your characters, and you guys are the ones who invest the most emotionally in them. You have great ideas and your writing is fantastic, so we also want to make sure we’re giving you a platform to do your thing. 

In addition to all of this, we also have to deal with any of the graphic making, responding to asks, etc that you do to run a blog. 

This is all a constant process, because we’re telling a story communally, which means it changes as much as we all do.

And all of this becomes a lot harder when you guys are dropping characters, because we need to adjust the plot a bit to make sure you can be active when you take them on, and then readjust what we were planning if you drop them.

From what we can see, the other Narnia RP has around the same number of members as us, fewer characters, and like seven mods. 

Kellie play three characters, Kayla plays four.

We’re doing more than they are with less people. 

Please stop making more work for us when it could be avoided by just waiting - don’t rush into a decision. It creates a roller coaster effect. 

We had no idea what we were doing when we started and we’re still trying to figure things out now. 

And we really want to do our best for you. But sometimes it just takes us a while with the complexity of everything, as well as how busy our lives are. 




are we just talking to ourselves, or did you guys actually read all of this?

No one. No one at all can be a member of this group if they are making someone feel like they don’t belong here, or are outside of the community. 

You must treat each other with respect. 

Obviously we will not always have the same opinions, but you do not get to treat people badly even if your opinion is that they,or their character, deserves it. Or if it’s your opinion that you aren’t treating someone badly, when someone feels that they are being treated badly. 

This includes characters. If you wouldn’t say it about a mun, don’t say it about their character. 

Same goes for graphics. If someone puts something in a graphic you don’t like, tell us and we’ll have it taken down.

This includes the beliefs and realisations of another mun’s character. 

If someone is godmodding you, or trying to control your character in any way that you don’t like, come to the mods. 

We really don’t feel like it’s hard to just treat people with respect. If you think something might be crossing a line, don’t do whatever it is. Think about other people’s feelings before you write. Don’t start unnecessary fights or drama. If someone is bothering you, come to the mods instead of escalating the problem. These things are easier to fix at the start than after they’ve gotten more complicated.

If something is bothering you, or you just need to talk about something, come and do so. 

We really don’t bite. 

And we really do care about you and everything about this RP. It’s why we became mods in the first place. 



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Hey Narnians.

Quite a few of you have been talking about character submissions this week, and there’s also been a fair bit of character turnover over the past while. 

So, because we are looking at changing our rules concerning character submissions and the acceptances of applications, we’re instituting a short ban on both of these things. So we’re not going to be approving applications we currently have, or possible bios until it’s over. 

If you’d still like to talk to us about character bios and applications, you still can. We just won’t be accepting until we get things sorted out.

This is all for a number of issues that we’re trying to think through. And we need some time to figure it out.

Message if you have any questions. 

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So, in order to keep you guys better informed, and so you can have a better way of planing out your plots and character development, we, the mods, have decided to tell you guys some of our plans for the main plot.

Act 1 is going to set up the good guys and some of the bad guys, who are working towards a major attack against the Pevensies. This includes a group made up of both Narnians and foreigners. They’re going to strike on the night that the treaty is signed. The attack will be really quite awful, and it will reveal the plans of the bad guys for the long term, as well as what’s been up with the leg business.

Then, Act 2 is going to be about the Pevensies dealing with this attack, regrouping, and accusing the parties responsible, as well as a sort of quest to put things right. In Act 2 there are going to be some Narnians who desert the Pevensies because there’s will be a crisis of confidence in their ability to lead, so if you want your character to become a traitor for some reason, please talk to us about it. Act 2 will also end with a major character death. Accusing the parties responsible, as well as some other stuff, will lead into Act 3. Which is going to be war. At this point we think there will be two battles. 

Now. We want all characters to intersect with the main plot at least once. So if you, say, play a commoner and would like your character to overhear important information, or to very importantly release a catapult target at an important moment of the battle, talk to us about it. We haven’t planned out Act 2 or 3 fully, because it’s a long way off, and we don’t even know which characters we’ll have to play with. But if you want things to happen, start discussing it with us, and we can try to work those in.

However, if you do want something to happen, and we work it into the plot, and then you drop the character, we’re going to be really annoyed. So don’t come to us and have us come up with a complicated plan, and then leave or drop the character, because then we have to uncomplicate things, and it makes so, so much more work for us.

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