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So, in order to keep you guys better informed, and so you can have a better way of planing out your plots and character development, we, the mods, have decided to tell you guys some of our plans for the main plot.

Act 1 is going to set up the good guys and some of the bad guys, who are working towards a major attack against the Pevensies. This includes a group made up of both Narnians and foreigners. They’re going to strike on the night that the treaty is signed. The attack will be really quite awful, and it will reveal the plans of the bad guys for the long term, as well as what’s been up with the leg business.

Then, Act 2 is going to be about the Pevensies dealing with this attack, regrouping, and accusing the parties responsible, as well as a sort of quest to put things right. In Act 2 there are going to be some Narnians who desert the Pevensies because there’s will be a crisis of confidence in their ability to lead, so if you want your character to become a traitor for some reason, please talk to us about it. Act 2 will also end with a major character death. Accusing the parties responsible, as well as some other stuff, will lead into Act 3. Which is going to be war. At this point we think there will be two battles. 

Now. We want all characters to intersect with the main plot at least once. So if you, say, play a commoner and would like your character to overhear important information, or to very importantly release a catapult target at an important moment of the battle, talk to us about it. We haven’t planned out Act 2 or 3 fully, because it’s a long way off, and we don’t even know which characters we’ll have to play with. But if you want things to happen, start discussing it with us, and we can try to work those in.

However, if you do want something to happen, and we work it into the plot, and then you drop the character, we’re going to be really annoyed. So don’t come to us and have us come up with a complicated plan, and then leave or drop the character, because then we have to uncomplicate things, and it makes so, so much more work for us.

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Name/Nickname: Kaitlyn

Age (unrestricted): 18

Timezone: EST

Activity per week (1/10): 3-10 (varies)

Character: Ashera

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Please unfollow the old Asheera, everyone. The character is being reopened, and will be reaccepted in a bit. 

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easlmus-of-western-wood: "Hey guys. So I need to drop Easlmus, Karliah and Penny. I've found that I've gotten anxiety with regards to the many many characters I've taken on in this rp and the two more to come. I might come back sometime, but as of now it's simply not practical. I'm very sorry, I was hoping to stick around till the end, but it's not feasible with my life rn."

We understand. Everyone please unfollow Karliah, Penelope, and Easlmus. Thanks for everything you did and we will be here if you ever want to come back, of course. 

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Name: Christine

Rest of the app: y’all know already. if you don’t I don’t know what to tell you.

Character: Constable Penelope Underwood

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May the Odds || Welcoming Feast 


All truths be told, Peter was feeling nervous. It was not the toast—he spoke in front of people all the time, there was no reason he’d be nervous about something he had done countless times before—but rather, the evening itself. 

After the leg incident, he had begun to wonder whether opening negotiations at this time was at all a good idea, given the situation. He feared it might be inappropriate, dangerous even. Peter had discussed it with his siblings after Lucy had caught him frowning deeply at the mention of it. But, even so, he knew they couldn’t afford not to open them now that both Galma and, more importantly, Calormen were all already placed in the castle and eager to start. Especially if they were to keep it all discrete. He could imagine the outrage of the other countries if they found out that Narnia had been keeping this behind their backs (not that Peter would ever want to tell them in the first place but he knew threats made people feel insecure and turn hostile. He didn’t need that). All in all, he felt this was tempting fate in some way. 

Peter didn’t like being uneasy.

Still, he stood from his sitting place at the table on the dais, his wife and siblings next to him. He saw some eyes drawn to his movement but many people were too caught up in their own business. It happened a lot during feasts. Narnians were certainly party people. 

"Your attention, please," he called out loudly for all to see him, and smiled as warmly as he could. "As you know, I am High King Peter and I shall be speaking on the name of Narnia with the whole approval of my three siblings and co-rulers, King Edmund and Queens Susan and Lucy. We want to welcome you, representatives of the three countries present, and hope you are all enjoying the evening and our feast, for as you know, it has a purpose."

He scanned the crowd with a meaningful look. His eyes fell on the foreigners at the sides and he tried not to stare as he said the next part. “Our countries can’t live without each other, however much we’d like to believe different sometimes,” he said, only half-joking. “It is our duty to work towards peace, not only for us but for out countries and the welfare of this world we all live in. We know this can’t always be achieved — and so we have experienced… in recent years,” Peter made sure his gaze was even and looking at everyone in the room. “—for, as rulers of a land, we seek for the benefit of our country and our people. It is, however, possible. And that is the reason we are here, enjoying what Narnia has to offer to us this evening.”

"We want the best for our land and we are sure you wish the same for your own. What a better way for us to leave aside silly skirmishes and offences now far away," he threw a glance to his sister, sitting at his side, but Susan remained impassive under her kind face. This was the bit of the toast he had disliked the most. It seemed to him despicable to have to reduce what his sister had gone through at Calormen to a silly skirmish. "What best than to promise we will work for the betterment of all of us— and not just one or two? This is why tonight, we declare all negotiations with Narnia officially open."

His siblings started clapping and soon everyone in the room but him followed. Peter raised his glass to the foreigners at the sides. ”We welcome you, representatives from Galma and Calormen, in our country and we hope that you—” Peter’s words died on his throat and his hand flew to the handle of his sword. He heard the glass clinking as it fell on the table, the wine surely spilling but Peter couldn’t see anything.

The candles had been blown off.

As High King Peter stands to address the crowd, Queen Cornelia, Princess Elia, Prince Ramirate, Lieutenant Rapha, Rabadash’s chief advisor Renledash, Prince Enki, Princess Asheera, and Lord Dannis Beech sit in their places. All is fine and pleasingly regal until Peter nears the end of his speech. Then, without warning, every candle in the hall goes out at once, plunging the guests into darkness.

Mixed in with the crowd’s reactions is a hissing sound, as a large tapestry on the wall depicting Aslan roaring at the Battle of Beruna begins burning from top to bottom. As the flames reveal the wall behind, it is clear that there is writing on the wall. It is written in blood, which shines in the light of the fire.

To the people of Narnia, my future people, and to the delegates of Galma and Calormen, our guests and allies - greetings.

This evening is truly an evening of peace. For it marks not just the beginning of a treaty, but the beginning of the downfall of four tyrants. Fear not. Unlike the Four, I protect those who are loyal to me. And that is why I leave you these lines. Not to threaten. But to extend to you, any creature of this world, wether you be a Son of Adam or a Mouse, a monarch or a servant, this invitation; join me. 

I know this will be hard for some of you to do. You were told that when Aslan bore his teeth, winter would meet it’s death. Well, Aslan’s teeth are gone. And his children are weak.

A new era is coming, a new reign, one that will see Narnia returned to its full glory and strength. And now you have no excuse to fight on the side of the doomed. Be like your ‘Just’ King before he was corrupted. Desert the false call of the Four and come to me.

There’ll be no salvation for those that do not.

Your Future King

Once the tapestry is completely burned, the candles relight themselves.

Eithne Huntor is standing alone towards the centre of the hall in an obviously shocked, even trancelike state. On her left cheek is the square, question mark symbol that was on Peter’s throne in the first attack, and on her right is the number ‘II’. In her arms is the second leg. It is the left leg of a grown Son of Adam, severed exactly as the previous one was, just below the knee, and the blood, although it seems fresh in every other way, is not running. 

There is no sign of an attacker, nothing else damaged, or anyone else otherwise out of place except for Eithne.

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A few things for today:

  1. The main blog will reblog Peter’s toast later on with the feast narration post. So be prepared for some drama. And get excited and all that jazz. (Also, please message me if you have questions about it.)
  2. Please also post an update about what all of your characters have been doing over the last few months.
  3. Finally, remember that threads started after the main blog’s narration post should be tagged ‘afterthetoast’. 

Thanks and love you, as always. :)

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